Touched by loss. Empowered through community.

Wendy Doyle Diez

Wendy Doyle Diez

I became a widow in January of 2009 when my husband, Chris, died of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a very aggressive type of brain tumor. Our son, Ian, was a toddler when Chris was diagnosed and I was 9 months pregnant with our daughter, Claire. Chris’s disease was so advanced by the time it was discovered, that he only lived 22 days. Ian was 17 months old and Claire was 10 days old when they lost their daddy. I was 38 years old when the love of my life slipped away and my world turned upside down.

In the first few months after Chris’s death, I walked around like a zombie partially from shock and partially from sleep deprivation (newborns are good for that). Night after night, I would sit at my computer and Google terms like, “young widow”, “widows and babies”, “young widow support groups”, etc. When I came across a few online communities and blogs for young widows, I felt like a life preserver had been thrown out to me. I grasped at every chance I had to connect with other people in my situation. These connections as well as my participation in grief support groups and the friendships I developed with local widows/widowers have made all the difference in my healing process. 

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