Touched by loss. Empowered through community.

Susan Svensson Donatello

My husband, Joe, died on Thanksgiving Day in November, 2008.  He had cooked his annual dinner for 18 family and friends and later that evening passed away from a blood clot which had developed from a prior week’s surgery.  At the time, my twin girls were 7 and my son was 5. 

I really needed to connect with other widows – I knew that they would be the only ones who truly understood how I felt.  A friend recommended a support group for newly widowed families which is how I came to meet Laura and Wendy.  I hope that this website will provide you with the tools that will help you through your ever-evolving new lifestyle.  Our social groups will be a great way to meet people who have experienced a similar loss as you - sometimes you just need to get out and blow off some steam.  As difficult as your life may be, you need to connect with others who can empathize and understand your situation. 

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