Touched by loss. Empowered through community.

Sheri Hickey

I am Sheri and this is my first attempt at writing a blog.  My kids would say that I am never at a loss for words and this is no surprise to them that I decided to write about things happening with us.  My husband passed in 2012 at 49 years of age, after battling a rare, neurological disease.  The disease was over eight years of watching him degenerate a little bit more each day.  As it was a second marriage for us both, it is a yours, mine, and ours, giving us five children between us.  Our last two children was from this second marriage.  The youngest is about to go far from home where her dad always joked that one of the kids needed to go west to allow us a warm place to travel in the winter.

I hope my words bring comfort and maybe even a warm smile remembering some of your own hopes of the future with your loved ones.  As I believe, our loving spouses remain in our hearts forever and remain close to us at all times.