Touched by loss. Empowered through community.

RT Lounge Night Out

By Matt

Our latest CYWC event was held at RT lounge in Wheeling and was another fun night of laughter combined with exploring the details of our widow lives.  At one point in the evening, we started wondering if it was okay that we were the loudest table in the bar.  We thought about it for a moment, and then justified, “hey, we’re widows/ers, we’re allowed”.  

It was nice to see more new faces and by the end of evening feel like we’ve known each other for years.  About 11 of us sat around a table – tucked in a corner allowing us to own that corner of the bar – as we shared life experiences, future hopes, and stories about raising our kids. 

This was our second event where someone took a chance on coming out to be with a bunch of strangers.  It was nice to her say that this was her first time going out with other widows.  There was a woman at our last event that had not been out socially at all.  It is great to see people facing their fears and trying something new.  To be able to spend an evening with people who “get it”, outside of sitting in a circle in an empty classroom, is refreshing.

Even though our night did start out with going around the room introducing ourselves, it didn’t take long for the stories to come out which then led to us being the loudest table at the bar.  A casual evening of getting to know one another through common experiences and heartbreak was the perfect “grown up” night many of us needed.

Once again, we urge those of you who have not joined us for one of our nights out, to please make the trip.  It’s a safe environment where not knowing anyone is the norm, but by the end you’ll feel like you were at a family reunion.