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Dickson Greeting , apparently the second film made in the US, was composed of test footage of William K. Dickson himself, bowing, smiling and ceremoniously taking off his hat. It was a three-second clip. It was used for one of the first public demonstrations of motion pictures in the US using the Kinetoscope, presented to the Federation of Women's Clubs. In , Dickson also designed an early version of a movie-picture projector an optical lantern viewing machine based on the Zoetrope - called the Kinetoscope. It was a peep-show device to allow one person at a time to watch a 'movie.

The formal introduction of the Kinetograph in October of set the standard for theatrical motion picture cameras still used today. This established the basis for today's standard 35 mm commercial film gauge, occurring in The 35 mm width with 4 perforations per frame became accepted as the international standard gauge in However, moveable hand-cranked cameras soon became more popular, because the original motor-driven cameras were heavy and bulky. On Saturday, April 14, , a refined version of Edison's Kinetoscope began commercial operation for entertainment purposes. The floor-standing, box-like viewing device was basically a bulky, coin-operated, movie "peep show" cabinet for a single customer in which the images on a continuous film loop-belt were viewed in motion as they were rotated in front of a shutter and an electric lamp-light.

It held foot rolls of 'film' - about 16 seconds of viewing time of one single, uninterrupted shot. The Kinetoscope, the forerunner of the motion picture film projector without sound , was finally patented on August 31, Edison applied for the patent in , granted in The viewing device quickly became popular in carnivals, Kinetoscope parlors, amusement arcades, and sideshows for a number of years.

The world's first film production studio - or "America's first movie studio," the Black Maria , or the Kinetographic Theater and dubbed "The Doghouse" by Edison himself , was built on the grounds of Edison's laboratories at West Orange, New Jersey. It was constructed for the purpose of making film strips for the Kinetoscope.

The interior walls of the studio were covered with black tar-paper to make the performers stand out against the stark black backgrounds.

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It had a retractable or hinged, flip-up sun-roof to allow sunlight in. It was built with a rotating base or turntable on circular railroad tracks to orient itself throughout the day to follow the natural sunlight. Thomas Edison displayed 'his' Kinetoscope projector at the World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago and received patents for his movie camera, the Kinetograph , and his electrically-driven peepshow device - the Kinetoscope.

In early May, , Edison also held the world's first public exhibition or demonstration of films at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. The exhibited second film, Blacksmith Scene , was viewed on Dickson's Kinetoscope viewer, and was shot using a Kinetograph at the Black Maria. It showed three people pretending to be blacksmiths. The first motion pictures made in the Black Maria were deposited for copyright by Dickson at the Library of Congress in August, It was one of the first series of short films made by Dickson for the Kinetoscope viewer in Edison's Black Maria studio with fellow assistant Fred Ott.

The short five-second film was made for publicity purposes, as a series of still photographs to accompany an article in Harper's Weekly. It was the earliest surviving, copyrighted motion picture or "flicker" - composed of an optical record and medium close-up of Fred Ott, an Edison employee, sneezing comically for the camera. It was noted as the first medium-closeup. A short film about 21 seconds long titled Carmencita was directed and produced by Edison's employee William K. Spanish dancer Carmencita was the first woman to appear in front of an Edison motion picture camera, and quite possibly the first female to appear in a US motion picture.

In some cases, the projection of the scandalous film on a Kinetoscope was forbidden, because it revealed Carmencita's legs and undergarments as she twirled and danced. This was one of the earliest cases of censorship in the moving picture industry. Most of the first films shot at the Black Maria included segments of magic shows, excerpts from stage plays, slapstick comedy, vaudeville performances with dancers and strongmen , acrobatics, acts from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and other animal acts, various boxing matches and cockfights, and scantily-clad women. Most of the earliest moving images, however, were non-fictional, unedited, crude documentary, "home movie" views of ordinary slices of life - street scenes, the activities of police or firemen, or shots of a passing train.

In the early s, Edison and Dickson also devised a prototype sound-film system called the Kinetophonograph or Kinetophone - a precursor of the Kinetoscope with a cylinder-playing phonograph and connected earphone tubes to provide the unsynchronized sound. The projector was connected to the phonograph with a pulley system, but it didn't work very well and was difficult to synchronize. It was formally introduced in , but soon proved to be unsuccessful since competitive, better synchronized devices were also beginning to appear at the time. These men are simply not there.

I flick through the pages of Swish! They are both extremely silly, like Photo-Romance Teen Magazines gone mad. Jackie Jacks Off. All this stuff is unspeakably degrading to adult womanhood. It is also unspeakably degrading to adult manhood.

See a Problem?

But Adult Magazines these are not. This brought back some memories, only some mind — I did a Certificate in Film Studies at the BFI, in Dean Street, between and so I remember the outsides of premises of the sort in your photographs. We used go for a drink in the Crown and Two Chairmen after our classes and we once saw Gavin Millar in there, which caused a little frisson. Really nice post.

Thanks Tom. I was trying to remember the names of the pubs. The Crown and Two Chairmen, yes. Very entertaining. I used to rent an office in Great Windmill Street, back in the days when I still suffered from the delusion that my future was in feature film production, and I vividly remember the disreputable-looking club opposite, as they always tried to lure me in whenever I walked past — except when I was with my female business partner. This is a great post.

I was stunned at the almost psychopathic style, or tendencies, of the many hucksters and fraudsters who worked in the promise of sex industry. And then some guys would reach for the baseball bat. The first few times I was utterly horrifed and scared, obviously. But bark back, and often the rage would dissipate as quickly as it had fired up. That, for many hucksters, it was another trick of the trade, tape into the shame and fear of punters to get shot of them fast.

Puppetry of the Penis - great fun! - Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas

And he should know a thing or two about the business. Very interesting comment. Maybe they needed that sleazy atmosphere to get turned on. Great prose, great photos. Used to know the area 10 years earlier, it was scuzzy then but it seems to have reached a peak of seediness in But there were always good places to eat and drink, and most of those are vanishing now.

Amalfi is still there, I think — one of my first ventures into Italian cuisine in the early s… Before I knew what lasagne was.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

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Notify me of new posts via email. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. Two pounds one show only! Put some oil on the curtain! I ask her about the customers. What do they do? Do they wank? Like this: Like Loading The man on the fourth picture down looks like Jeffrey Barnard. Great pictures. Soho still buzzes but there is an air of sterility now-sad really.

Those were indeed the days and I was a legend on the sweaty stage. The incident was aired in the middle of the night on the live internet feed, but it wasn't broadcast. Even though replays showed you couldn't see much of the incident on the screen, the viewers knew what was happening. This wasn't the first time the Ozzie version of the show featured such behaviour.

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According to feminist Germaine Greer: "In last year's series, a housemate reportedly rubbed his naked penis on an uppity female housemate's naked back, by way of pretending to give her a massage. This piece of nastiness went to air uncut, as this year's will not. This kind of lewd behaviour is also enjoyed in the US. It's not quite as disgusting, but CBS host Julie Chen asserted in one interview: "It took four seasons of the show" to develop televised sex between two strangers, but "the moment that Amanda and Dave had sex in the Big Brother house was one of the greatest moments for us on Big Brother".

I suppose at least she's admitting that the remit of the programme is to encourage housemates to have sex for the cameras, simple as that. Among the Z-list celebs are Alicia Douvall, famous for her kiss 'n' tell stories with the likes of Mickey Rourke, and Boyzone's Shane Lynch - who openly admits to plucking his own eyebrows.

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He's on a mission to find a woman who preens herself just like him. But will he have the nerve to get it on, live on air? Freud hypothesised that the two main principles in life are Thanatos, the Greek word meaning death, and Eros, meaning love - this being the life instinct, survival of the species. I just wonder why, at Day 53, we're still waiting for the sexual frustration to manifest itself.

We'll be waiting an eternity for reality show titillation to materialise into anything worth talking about, so my suggestion is that we all head down to the nearest sex shop and rent out a good old porn movie. Eoghan Harris Five million people in the Irish Republic have reason to rejoice that London and Dublin are talking directly to each other again - as Micheal Martin has long advocated.

Liam Weeks It has been a week of mixed fortunes for heads of state.