Touched by loss. Empowered through community.

Laura Tully Dennis

My husband, Kevin, died suddenly on August 8, 2009 from an undetectable heart defect.  At the age of 31, I became a widow, with the daunting task of raising our children, ages 1 and 3, alone. Very quickly I was introduced to several organizations with programs geared towards children who have lost a parent, and have found the comfort and connection that those programs provide for me and my sons to be invaluable.

As a widowed person, you often hear the phrase, "there's no rule-book for this." That is particularly true of young widowhood, as we face our own set of special challenges. Knowing that there are people out there, facing, surviving, and even thriving amidst those same challenges, makes us a special, bonded, community. 

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