Touched by loss. Empowered through community.


see I’m 50 years old and have two teenage children. Do you consider me a “young” widow?

Our group is geared towards people who are 55 and younger or who have dependent children at home. However, if you find our events interesting and relevant, you are welcome to attend! I'm a widower.  Can men participate in your activities?

CYWC is open to both widows and widowers.  We recognize that widowed men need support just as much as widowed women.


source link Does your group include people who were engaged, dating, co-habitating or had same sex partners?

CYWC welcomes anyone who has lost a significant other regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. I live in the suburbs. Can I still participate?

Yes! CYWC events are open to any young widowed person who lives in the Chicagoland area as well as people in Northwest Indiana and the Milwaukee area. Can I bring a friend to your events?

Absolutely! We understand how hard it can be to attend a social activity alone so feel free to bring a friend along (even if they aren’t widowed). The more the merrier!


Where are your events held?

Events will be planned throughout the Chicagoland area and will generally be held in areas near where the greatest numbers of participants live.


Is there a cost for your events and workshops/seminars?

The cost of each social event will vary depending on the type of event. We do our best to plan events that are fun and unique but not cost prohibitive for those who participate.

There may be a minimal charge for certain workshops and seminars in order to cover costs for space and speaker fees.