Touched by loss. Empowered through community.

Diana Maggio Gumushian

On an ordinary Tuesday evening in July 2008, my 39 year old husband Joe passed away suddenly in his sleep from an undiagnosed cardiomyopathy. I went to sleep a wife, and woke up a widow. My boys were 7 and 3 when they lost their father. I couldn’t begin to imagine the depth of what that meant for us as a family, for me as mother, and for my new status as a widow.

I began attending grief groups for "young widows under 55" as well as "family grief support group" in Aug 2008. I read books, I found various online support forums, and began seeking out real life connections with other people who could understand what I was going though when those who cared about me tried but couldn’t. Without question, the support groups provided a safe place to verbalize all the pain and fear that I was feeling, but was unable to share with anyone else who wasn’t widowed. I found it particularly helpful to connect with younger widows with young children who understood the additional complexities that are involved with grieving the loss of a spouse, in addition to supporting a child grieving for the loss of a parent, and all that entails. Having a network of friends who are available in person, online or via other methods means you always have someone to reach out to. CWYC and other groups like it provide the ability to feel safe, and know that no matter what, someone who understands is there for you.


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