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Wounds and Scars

Monday, May 1, 2017
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“A mental or emotional hurt or blow.” That is one of Webster’s definitions for the word WOUND.
“A lasting moral or emotional injury.” That is one of Webster’s definitions for the word SCAR.
One more… “A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn or sore has not
healed completely.”
Just today, I was reading an old letter that my father wrote to me back in 1984 when my high school
girlfriend broke up with me. Of course I was devastated and he said to me, as I’m sure we have all
heard and said ourselves, “Son, please believe me that time heals all wounds.” Well Dad – I have
trusted every piece of advice you ever gave to me but this one just isn’t true. This wound will never
be healed.
We all have them; one just as deep as the other. We may all have different circumstances but we all
have the same wound, the same scar that regardless vérifie cela of the healing process will never go away.
Sure, the wound may fade over time but it will never disappear completely. It can rear its ugly head
anytime, anywhere or anyplace.
I am very happily remarried, my three sons are all healthy and have grown into amazing young
men, and life is good. But, the emotional scar from losing Lauri is like a pesky fly. You know it’s
always there and sometimes it can be ignored but other times it just drives you crazy. Then the
annoyance subsides and boom – it blindsides you and hits you in the face when you least expect it.
Unfortunately there is no remedy; no band aid or topical ointment will help this wound go away. It
is our individual inner strength and positive approach to life that we must count on to fight away
the pain of our wound. Hopefully we can all put up a good fight most of the time.
But damn, it sure
hurts when we get punched in the face. Fortunately my glass half-full outlook on life helps soften
the blow as I know the pain will eventually ease up, even though I know it’s coming back. I hope all
of you have a way of dealing with your wound and your scar and can pick yourself up after being
knocked down. Remember – we have as much right as anyone else to live life to the fullest and be

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