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Will You Remember Us?

Sunday, October 9, 2016
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Will you remember us?

When I think about my husband and all the things I loved about him, I try to keep his legend alive for my kids. Difficult to believe, it will soon be 5 years, and our memories of him are sadly beginning to fade. For my youngest, going from 9 to 14 and my oldest from 15 to building her own life at 20, a lot of time has passed. It is getting harder to remember what it felt like to not be empty. It is getting harder to remember all of the intricacies of his personality and not distort them with our fading memories. As we try to keep his memory alive, I sometimes wonder if he remembers us? Did he experience grief, does he miss us?     

The light in your eyes when you looked at me

The teamwork you always promised we’d be

Tickling our daughters, playing monster at the park

My head on your shoulder as the night turns dark

Your laughter that echoed throughout the room

That contagious smile, despite news of gloom

The deep harsh voice you could muster when mad

The unquestionable authority of being a Dad

Your hugs encircled me in safety and love

But now what do you see from your vantage above?

Down here below we continue to live

And there is no price we wouldn’t give

To hold your hand or again feel that hug

And know how much by you we were loved

We try to remember you everyday

But I do not know what you would say

If someone asked what your life was like

Did you have kids, who was your wife?

Where did you live, did you have a dog?

Were you happy, successful, did you live long?

Did it hurt at the end, was it hard to let go?

Or did we all fade away….for you never to know?

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