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What does he learn??

Monday, February 13, 2017
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What does he learn??  

Valentine's Day approaches and everywhere there are displays of "love". It used to make me feel alone, but this year it makes me hope that I am showing munchkin what love really means.  It isn't chocolate and money and candy and "hallmark" displays of love.    It bothers me that he doesn't get to see Robert and I together as a couple.   

I worry that because he doesn't get to see how a woman should be treated that he won't naturally do it "right" in his own life.

I worry that because he doesn't get to see us playfully argue that he won't know that it is possible to argue respectfully.

I worry that because he doesn't see the regular healthy ups and downs of a healthy relationship that he won't know what to do when he hits a "bump".

All of these and many more weigh heavy in my heart lately.   But I also realize that growing up in an only parent house teaches him far more.  

When he sees me clean up dinner after a long day I am teaching him that family time is worth my time.  

When I have to travel for work and rely on other people-I am teaching him that asking for help when you need it is necessary.

When I am working late to finish a project-I am teaching him perseverance.  

When he helps me around the house-I am teaching him to always learn new things.  When I hire someone to do a big job, I am teaching him that it is ok to not know everything.  

There are so many lessons that my munchkin will see every day because of our circumstances that I have decided that focusing on our strength is perfectly ok!  

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