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What’s in Your Tears?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
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Kris Lukas

What’s in my tears? I think I know…….
They’re droplets of pain, from letting you go

This tear has your smile, beaming and bright
This tear has my poem you framed, on Valentine’s night

The tear has the night that you proposed
Under the stars, on the beach, when my heart truly glowed

This tear has the times you stood by my side
Giving birth to our daughters; the day my Dad died

This tear has respect, loyalty, truth
All the qualities I adored and admired in you

This tear has your kiss, your hugs, your touch
This tear falls the biggest, I miss those so much

This tear has all the things you’re going to miss
Retirement, travel, golfing, fun
Watching your daughters become women, one by one

This tear has the moments when we’re empty and sad
Girls standing alone, without their Dad
As they go off to college or fall in love, now you can only watch from above

And I wish with all my heart, that if heaven has tears
That your tears are not droplets of pain
But rather droplets of hope…that we will meet again

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