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Time for Fun

Monday, September 7, 2015
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Eden Maheras

As we find ourselves at a time of year that is typically pretty difficult for widowed parents, when kids hit new milestones with their academic journeys, and we realize how quickly our little ones are growing up, I am taking a moment to be reflect on, and be grateful for, one aspect of my situation. After dropping Max off for his first day of Pre-K (not really a huge deal, as he's in the same school he's been in since he was 2...but we still did some funny first day pics, and I wanted to make sure he knew it was a milestone), I was thinking how sad it makes me that I'm not the one doing the parent duty of drop-off, and pick-up; my parents do that, along with so many other aspects of child-raising. But because of them, I am able to be a full-time working mom AND also a full-time fun mom when I'm home.

Because of their help, I can spend my evenings constructing sleep forts with Max, making cannons for his pirate bed, spending weekend days at the beach, and engaging in epic zombie-pirate-robot sword and pillow fights on a regular basis before bed. I don't have to shoulder the full load of being the disciplinarian. I don't have to balance a 40+ hour work week with grocery shopping, cooking, and all the household chores. This will come, but for now, I get to spend my time at home really bonding with Max, and enjoying our time together. I can go rogue from the routine, and know that he's still getting the structure he needs on the regular.

It's a small consolation prize - I certainly wouldn't go so far as to call it a "silver lining" - but when I try to wrap my mind around what others have on their plates when it comes to the parenting piece, it hits home with me how important it is to make the most of this time, when I have this unbelievable help and support. I know I'll always make the time to do the silly mom stuff - multiple Halloween costumes, quirky first-day-of-school pics, and I know I'll always devote as much of my free time to him as possible. But I am thankful for this time, when I get to be a little more carefree than many single parents are able to be, especially when he is at such a wonderfully fun age!

I know I'm lucky to have my parents here to help, and that we have found a groove that works for all of us. And truly, I have to tip my hat, or give a standing ovation, to the members of our community who do the parenting thing without the extra sets of hands. I will be looking for tips when my parents finally fly the coop.

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