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Spring Ahead

Monday, March 14, 2016
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Spring Ahead


This past weekend we moved the clocks ahead, lost an hour of sleep and unofficially started the countdown to the spring season.  Most importantly, the quote “Spring Ahead” might mean more for our group than for other people.

You have heard me speak repeatedly about moving forward.   Now that the winter blues are hopefully behind us this is the perfect time to actually think long and hard about springing ahead.  Flowers will soon be blooming, the early morning chirping of birds will awaken us and butterflies will start flying about.  These wonderful phenomena won’t happen without rainstorms, thunder and lightning and maybe even a bit more snowfall, but the key is to look “ahead.”

Yes, we all hit our bumps in the road and even get thrown back, but remember – the sun will still rise tomorrow and the next day and the day after.  And, it will rise earlier and earlier each morning as we spring ahead; maybe just maybe helping us to find a little more comfort and peace in our day.


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