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Savor the Time

Monday, May 9, 2016
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Savor the Time

In light of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share something I wrote a few years ago. I was reflecting on how fast my children were growing from little girls to challenging teenagers and how time just seemed to be flying.

At the time I wrote it, life was good. We were the standard, typical family living the American Dream. I loved those days – I sure wish I could go back and a have a few more of them.  But, without the past, I wouldn’t have the presents. The ‘presents’ which are my daughters and the fact that I get to be with them, as much as they will let me!  Their Dad didn’t get to be beside them as they progress and mature.

I try to be aware and thankful every day, that I am still here to enjoy all that the journey of motherhood has to offer. It’s ups and downs, and all the in-betweens.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of us Moms and to all the Dads who have had to become Moms too – all of us who are not single parents, but rather, double parents.


I’ll savor the time that you’re my friend, it won’t be long until it ends

With your schoolmates you’ll soon choose to play, away from our house you’ll begin to stray

Your days will be filled with school and new friends, but I’ll be here until the end

Through homework and heartaches and times that you’ll hate me, and times you do things just to aggravate me

Moments of sorrow and moments of joy

Trying not to mingle as you figure out boys

There’ll be times when your words break my heart, times we’d be better off apart

But through it all your Mom will be here, for holding your hand or lending an ear

Riding a bike or tying a shoe, or help on an essay that’s “suddenly due”

I can’t predict now how our lives will go, I can only pray our relationship will grow

And when one day, our places we trade

You’re the Mom in the rocker – I’m the one with the cane

You’ll savor the time that your child is your friend, and do your best to not let it end. 


My son is turning 12 in July. For the first time, he is snapping at me. He has a younger brother who is 9 yrs old who still loves me to bits and is not afraid to show it. I have been sobbing off and on for the last month as my 12 yr old will be entering Junior High this Fall. I am terrified and so sensitive. It is strictly me and my two sons. My mom stops in each weekend to take us all out to pizza. Other than that, no friends, family, relatives, neighbors, etc... I feel so along and losing my 12 yr old to teenagism is really becoming clear. I don't know how to be independent anymore.... their dad died suddenly and it has already been 6 years. I feel the same, time is not working (and I have been to Grief Share 3x already).

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