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In the Same World

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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In the Same World

Today I was on the phone at work. I was trying to find time to fit in an evening teleconference with a west coast colleague. I mentioned....well tonight is PTA, tomorrow is TaeKwonDo....the lady jokes..."we live in the same world". I laughed and let my flippant side out.

"We are in no way in the same world"

She replied, "why is that?"

"I'm widowed"

She paused and said she was sorry. She then told me her husband was just diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer.


We were both weeping. I apologized to her. Me and my big mouth!


But I told her that it would be ok. She asked me to tell her that her kids would be ok. I assured her that they would. I also said that it isn't easy and it would not be ok for a while and that was ok too, but that yes it will be ok.


Not today, not tomorrow but eventually it will be ok. I know that is very hard to fathom, but just take one thing at a time. I went through months where I had to remind myself to breathe. But a few weeks after the accident a very sweet woman who was widowed and remarried, took me for coffee and told me those same words.


To hear someone has survived and to see them be ok is what fed my hope. It made me find my inner strength to realize that someday it would get better.


Today, I happened to be able to pay that dose of hope forward. 



I resemble the above article, well written..

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