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Monday, October 6, 2014
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For the past several years in my career, I have been on teams where I was flat out told to not let people know that I am smarter than them. Literally, I was expected to not answer questions because 60 year old men don't like to be reminded that a younger woman could be smarter than they.

Talk about irritating, I resented it, however being that my industry is dominated by old men...I played along.

Ultimately that was one of the driving factors of me leaving my old job. As we speak, I am on a plane returning from the first conference that I have been to in a long time. I am in the same industry-new company. This time was so different, I was actually applauded and encouraged for my intelligence. I had potential clients come to our booth for the express purpose of debating policy or data analytics with me.

I spent an entire dinner debating statistical analysis and predictive modeling to refine a project for a client. The person three levels above that person came to me this morning to thank me for my insights and tell my boss that I was brilliant and a true asset to the company.

I'm on such a high right now it is unbelievable. There were so many great things that happened this conference. As I was getting on my flight, I just wanted to share with someone.

I actually dialed Robert's cell phone number and almost hit send before I caught myself. He has been dead over six years and my instinct is still to call him first. It was a sucker punch to the gut. I mean-I can't remember to take out the trash but I remember a phone number I haven't dialed in six years?!?! What kind of joke is that? mothers radar must have been going off because she texted me asking about my trip. I called her back and we chatted and shared everything. She was excited for me and I was excited to share!

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