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Monday, December 17, 2012
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This is not the blog I intended to post today.  Admittedly, and now, somewhat shamefully, I spent the last few weeks writing about my youngest son, and some unfortunate things that happened at his preschool that had my blood boiling.  And then, on Friday, 26 people were gunned down at an elementary school.  Twenty of those were 6 and 7 year olds.  First graders.  Babies.  And six of them were adults – all women, possibly someone’s wife or mother.  And suddenly, the issues that had my blood boiling didn’t matter anymore.  Because I got to pick my children up from school and hold them tight that day.

I planned to use this forum to vent.  To complain about what is missing from my life and how angry it makes me.  To spew my frustration at the hand I have been dealt.  And then Friday happened. 

All around me, people said, “I can’t imagine.”  And I can’t.  I will never know what those families are going through right now.  But I do know the road they have ahead of them – we all do.  And we know that it will be long and painful.  Full of sorrow and grief.  We know that they will never stop being sad.  We know what devastation loss can bring. 

We all have a right to be angry at the loss we have experienced in our lives.  But for today, and for now – while families in Connecticut are burying their babies - I will think of how much I have, rather than what I have lost.  I will quit my complaining, and focus on the good in my life. 

Tomorrow is a gift, not a guarantee. 

~ My heart is with the families of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  ~

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