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Patience In All Things

Monday, June 6, 2016
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Patience In All Things


I’m finding that I have to work on patience every day.  I know that it comes into play in my many roles in this life:  mother, teacher, friend, sibling, and girlfriend/partner.  This quality has very much played a part of my life as a widow too.

When Dick first died, I had so many feelings and emotions.  It was a wonder that I kept on going.  I didn’t know what to expect from myself and from others.  I felt stuck in my thoughts and in what I had to do.  I didn’t know what to do half the time, so I got incredibly inpatient with what my life was supposed to look like in my new role.  Why didn’t I have the answers to all my questions?  What was wrong with me?  What were my next steps?

As I think of how I was almost 8 years ago, I know that I am, in essence, the same person.  I still don’t know all the answers to those questions.  But when I exercise patience in my life, I can ask those questions a little more calmly.  So many things have come to me in my life when I didn’t expect it.  When I thought I had run out of patience, some answer to a big question came to me quietly.  A solution to a looming problem suddenly appeared.  Things start to feel a little bit better with the passage of time, the help of many friends and loved ones, and me trying to use patience as a key component in my life.

I still need to work on patience.  Tim and I bought a new house together last year, and we have a huge yard that is quite the challenge for us.  So, there are still unknowns in my life.  That will never stop.  But using patience as a strategy to help me deal with new parts of my life, I remember that it is a tool that has served me well.  I hope it does for all of you, too!

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