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One Minute

Monday, January 26, 2015
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Scott Bauer

Just think of all of the superlatives we use for the phrase “one minute.” How often do you say, “I’ll be there in a minute,” or “I’ll be finished in a minute,” or most commonly, “Wait a minute!”

I actually used all of these just today and then thought to myself, “What if I had one more minute with Lauri?” I panicked – I really did. What would you do if you had one more minute with your loved one? What would you say? Would you invite people to join you? How would you spend each and every precious second?

This has troubled me all day today because I don’t know what I would do? I don’t know what would be the most important things to say? Obviously I would tell Lauri how much I love her and what an incredible wife, mother, friend and partner she is but then what? Tell her how much she will be missed and that we all will think of her every second of every day? That her spirit and legacy will carry on forever? That I know she will be watching over us?

But what about moving forward? What about continuing life without the love of our lives? Would that be acceptable? Would she approve? Wouldn’t she want me and our boys to be happy? Would it be ok to fall in love again without feeling a sense of betrayal or resentment? Wow… just one minute.

Which of these questions or statements is most important? How can you possibly prioritize? What else would YOU say during that 60 second countdown?

We all take time for granted – but maybe never again. We all wish we had more time with our loved ones. Our time is finite, not infinite. I am just now learning the value of time. How about you? Two quotes that I have learned to live by are:

“Live every moment. Love every day. Because before you know it, precious time slips away.”
“Time is our most precious asset… We should spend it wisely.”

Just think… that was one minute that you will never get back. I hope it helped!

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