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More Than a Mug

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Becky Lichucki

December of 1998, he and I were in the Disney store. We were preparing to move in together and getting odds and ends done before our wedding coming up in April. We both loved coffee and Disney--and Disney mugs are just huge! I was admiring this burgundy one with Eeyore on it. We paid for some ornaments and Christmas gifts and went on our way.

Christmas that year was was stressful-trying to get two completely separate traditions merged was a feat and that is putting it lightly. My family is huge and gets together-loud and joyful and very very IRISH. Aunts, uncles, cousins--it is a gaggle of joy and love. His family was literally just his mom and dad-his siblings lived far spread and even though my parents invited his parents to Christmas none of the three of them knew what to do amongst the chaos.

Late that night I opened my gift--inside were the two mugs--mine of Eeyore and his of Goofy. Those mugs have followed us and now follow me. They have been filled with coffee and cocoa and tea-and his with cereal--he liked his cereal in a mug and declared it the perfect size.

Through the years, we had two more sets of "normal size" Disney mugs-but one of each of those pairs has broken over time. His Goofy mug is still in use. It fits in my hand warm and familiar. There are times in the wee hours of the morning that holding his mug I swear makes my body remember him. I can hold it in two hands and look out the window and take a sip of coffee. I can almost feel his arms around my waist and his warm lips kissing my neck. When my eyes open, I remember that I will never feel that again--but I can still hold his mug. It is a poor substitute for him-but for now, for now it will have to do.

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