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Monday, October 26, 2015
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Becky Lichucki

Robert had a deep love of the game of Monopoly. In high school he would organize games that lasted for DAYS. He and his other friends would guard the board amid sleepovers to make sure that nothing was amiss. He had such a great competitive spirit for that game.

Me--not so much. Don't get me wrong I love games, I just never liked Monopoly. He tried and sometimes I would agree to play-but I never enjoyed it. I enjoy chess, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble--now those are fun games for me!

Now, there is a new game--Monopoly Empire. Munchkin LOVES it. (he would probably love the original too) but I enjoy playing it with him. We have yet to have a game last more than 15 minutes!!! Part of my dislike of the original Monopoly was the monotony and length of the game.

Today--Munchkin wasn't feeling all that great so we decided it was a hot tea and board game type of day.

He chose Monopoly Empire. We played multiple rounds and as we were playing I realized that Robert would have LOVED to be playing with us.

I imagined for a moment the way things were supposed to be. It was supposed to be three of us. We were supposed to be complete. As quickly as those thoughts came, I pushed them away. I know at this point in time those thoughts do me no good. Our life is what it is-I cannot change what happened and thinking about it will certainly not bring Robert back.

I took a deep breath and focused on NOW.

Munchkin is in front of me, his bright eyes shining and smiling. He loves to play and he deserves my attention, not my regrets and longings for things that will never be.

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