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Live, Love & Remember

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Live, Love & Remember

As I write this, Hurricane Irma is blowing through Florida after causing damage to the islands it hit before making landfall. Houston is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  The West coast is being ravaged by fires, and Mexico is suffering from the effects of an earthquake. It is also 9/11, and many are stopping to reflect about the lives lost in tragedy 16 years ago. Today there will be more who mourn the lives lost in the recent weather related deaths. So much senseless death. So much pain for those who are left behind to mourn them. So much duality of pain and loss, and hope for the future.

There is loss all around us, on a daily basis. The news is filled with stories of death, be it caused my man or nature. I sometimes think that we become immune to the messages, because we are barraged by them, and because they are too horrible to consider. I feel that as a widow, my empathy for those who lost someone has increased exponentially, which only makes it that much harder to hear about and consider.

Although it can be painful, this increased empathy has caused me to gain a new perspective for being sensitive to those who need me, those who are going through something that I have had the unfortunate experience of having lived through myself. I want to help them. I want to say “I know how you are feeling” and be met with eyes who appreciate me being here. After my loss, there were those who did that for me—saved me when I was drowning in grief--- and helped me find my way to safety. The stories of humanity, the good that people do in the midst of tragedy, those are the stories that need to be told. The first responders, the neighbors down the street, the nameless stranger who risked his life to save someone. There is good in the world, kindness, love. So often we don’t see enough of that.

My heart aches for all those who will have to face today as a day they lost someone. We all know what that feels like. No matter how someone is lost, the void that is left behind is a scar that will heal but never be gone. Our nation mourns those lost. Families mourn. Loved ones worry and wonder. If you are lucky enough to have someone there for you, be sure where to get viagra you thank them, love them, tell them how important they are. You never know when that person, or even you, could be gone. Make the most of the time you have. Be kind. Love freely. Be generous with your gifts of time and affection. Be well, and be safe. And be the best you can be with the time that you have. Blessings to all who have read this.

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