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Lessons Learned

Monday, November 27, 2017
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Lessons Learned


Sometimes it seems we know more than everyone else

We’ve learned what’s important, we know what counts

It’s not the black Friday hoopla, it’s not the deals

It’s not the all the promises commercialism spiels

It’s being with my kids whenever I want

Holding onto their love with all I’ve got

It’s knowing that each and every day

There’s a chance it could all slip quietly away

So, mend your fences, put anger to rest

Material wants are a pointless quest

Embrace each moment – good or bad

Be hopeful for the future, despite the sad

Don’t rush through the holiday just to get past

Treat every day like it could be someone’s last

Ring in the New Year as a toast to unknown

Accept unwanted reality and make it your own 

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