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It Takes a go on Vacation

Monday, April 18, 2016
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It Takes a go on Vacation
Now that Max is a bit older, and a rock star traveller, my parents have very generously been taking us on some great vacations: Hawaii last year, Bonaire last month, and Sweden/Lithuania coming up.  They want to make sure that they're able to share their love of travel with him, while he is old enough to remember and they are spry enough to be jet setting.  They also bring my brother and his wife, and it is so nice to have family there to share these times, and to help watch Max so that I can do things like go SCUBA diving, or other non-kid activities.
However, thinking back to when I was young, and my parents were my age, I recall the vacations with just our immediate family, and those with my parents' friends and their kids.  Going somewhere fabulous just the two of us doesn't hold much appeal, so I'm working on getting a group of friends together for a real vacation next year.  When I was young, we spent a 2-week vacation in the Caribbean each year with two other families, and those trips are some of my most cherished memories.  I know it will be more work for me than when I'm with my parents, and more work than it will be for my friends who have spouses to assist.  It is nice to have extra adult hands when you're traveling - when you're carrying three bags, a kid, and food...or trying to take a picture and don't have a selfie stick!  But more than that, it's having someone else who will appreciate and share the moments with you, and enjoy the memories later.
I'm excited for Max to have some other kids around creating those vacation memories, and although the whole production will be significantly more work for me, and is pretty much guaranteed to bring on some tears, I am confident that it will be great - for both of us.  We'll bring some of JP's ashes - we always do when we travel, so that part of him is with us.  And my hope is that this will be another way I'm able to imbue Max's childhood with some magical, memorable moments.

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