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It’s a Wonderful Life

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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It’s a Wonderful Life


Lauri has now been gone 7 ½ years.  Our 26th anniversary would have been last week, Mother’s Day is this Sunday and she would have turned 51 on Tuesday the 15th.  Yes – May is a difficult month in the Bauer household and I feel just incredibly sad for my three boys, now 23, 21 and 19.  We have all come such a long way and have navigated our paths differently, but I am proud to say that my boys have learned to cope with their grief and are have learned to move forward.

Instead of hiding our thoughts and feelings about Lauri, we now embrace every chance we have to talk about her, share memories and even smile.  We even share stories with my wife Amy, who I am so incredibly lucky to have found!  The pain will never, ever go away but gets lessened little by little.  I see how healthy it is to not hide behind the fear of grief and to tackle it head on. 

I also understand how truly fortunate I am to not only have found true love again, but that our “blended” families work together!  I know this is not the rule, it is the aberration.  But, if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone.

I truly wish that all of you can once again experience true love and that your children can rise up from the depths of grief and embrace the future.  It truly is a wonderful life.


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