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If I could have just one more day....

Monday, October 27, 2014
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Kris Lucas

If I could have just one more day
When you weren't sick, you were still ok
I'd hold your hand and never let go
I'd kiss you with the depth of my soul
I'd compliment you through the night
Put my arms around you, hold you tight
I'd run my fingers through your hair
We'd talk, smile and dance, like we hadn't a care
We'd tickle our daughters, laughing together
Build strong family bonds, for ever and ever
Then I'd stop the clock, and time would freeze
Your body unable to fill with disease
Our hearts would be light, our minds carefree
Our family would be perfect, we'd be so happy
In my dreams, this is what I see
It would have been a much better you and me.


That was so beautiful I feel The same way I wish I had one more day!!

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