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I Did It - So Can You

Monday, September 26, 2016
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I Did It So Can You

As many of you may or may not know, I just got re-married on August 27th. I tell you this not asking for congratulations but to give you hope!

We all need hope. We all need to know that we can live again. We all need to know that we can lead healthy, productive lives again. We all need to know that we can be happy again!

Let me tell you my feelings and the reality of my newlife. Lauri passed away in January, 2011 and like all of you I felt that my world was over. I didnt know how I could take care of my kids, how I could face a new sunrise or how I could go to sleep every night in an empty bed. And yes, I didnt know if I would ever find someone to love or who would love me.

It took about six months to go on a date; maybe too soon and maybe not soon enough. When is the right time?You, and only you will know. Sure, it was awkward but it was a start. About a year later I met Amy. I knew there was something special the first day I met her. Four years later and we tied the knot!

There has not been a day, an hour, a minute that I havent thought about Lauri, as Im sure all of you still think about your loved one. But from my first date with Amy to right now, I have never hidden my past, never hidden my grief and never hidden my pastlife. For me and for Amy this has worked and always will work. She is the most understanding woman I have ever met and I am so fortunate she is now part of mine and my sons lives.

The bottom line is that I am telling you my story so you can have hope and know that you CAN feel love again. If any of you would like to call me and ask any questions I would be more than happy to talk and share this experience with you.

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