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Monday, July 31, 2017
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A tender subject has been on my mind this year.  What amount of time has an effect on a child/young adult when you are a surviving parent?  This question has been going through my mind since I received a breast cancer diagnosis in February.  Although it is Stage 1 and totally treatable, there is always the possibility, even a tiny one, of recurrence.  That being said, I am receiving treatment with a lot of positive experiences and thoughts in support of me.


But it does make you think about the quality of time I have had with my children so far.  Has it been good?  Has it been productive?  Have they learned how to move in the world?  I hope I’ve done my best.   They are now 26 and 23 years old and out in the world.  That’s a lot of time, when you come to think of it. 


I am grateful that this diagnosis didn’t happen when I was a new widow.  I can’t imagine how that would have played out.  But I do believe there is a reason why it happened this year.   That reason will appear, I am sure.  If anything, it has started to help me look at time with the ones I love and time with my children as an incredible gift.  It is a gift that I don’t want to waste.  

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