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Go Cubs Go!

Monday, August 20, 2012
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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the all-American 4th of July holiday.  Another cliché of all-American life is watching baseball.  My husband, Joe, was a huge baseball fan and always had the ballgames on – especially the Cubs. He had a million (OK, maybe 15) shirts and sweatshirts with the Cubs logo.  After watching all of these games with him, I started to learn all kinds of stats about baseball just through absorbing it from him.  He was so passionate that you couldn’t help but be drawn in. 

Since Joe has passed, I have tried keep to my kids interested in baseball and I take them to a few Cubs games every year.  At home, I turn on the ballgames but I have a hard time showing as much passion as Joe did. This year, I thought, let’s watch the All-Star Game together.  Actually, let’s watch the Home Run Derby since there is a little more excitement in watching how far the home run balls can fly.  So, I get all the kids together to watch the game when I realize I don’t know the rules about this competition.  “Mom, why do they have 10 outs here but 3 outs at a regular game?” “Mom, why is the pitcher not from the same team?” “Mom, the announcer keeps calling the ball a rainmaker – what does that mean?” “Mom, why….why….why???”  After saying “I don’t kind know” so many times, my kids lose interest in the game and wander off. 

I felt like I failed since I did not have the knowledge that Joe would have provided.  I couldn’t keep them interested the way that Joe would have kept them engaged.  But I realized that I am not here to replace Joe but to be sure that I remind them of Joe and all of his passions and interests.  Even if it was for a short time that night, the kids and I enjoyed watching the Home Run Derby and talking about what Daddy would have loved about watching this game.  I will chalk this up to one of the things we appreciate about Daddy and talk about his memory.



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