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Tuesday, July 5, 2016
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When was the last time you saw fireworks? Not the kind we watch on July 4th but the kind you “see” when you are with the love of your life. For many of us we may believe that we will never see them again, but trust me, you will!
I have read about this terrible myth called the “companion myth.” It says that once a spouse has passed away, the widowed should assume an attitude that they have “caught their limit”, that once their beloved passed away, a widowed’s destiny is to remain alone and longing for a life that is no longer here to live. A widowed should thereafter resign themselves to functioning in life with grief and mourning as their core and living a destiny that they did not choose.
WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can and will see fireworks again.
Our hearts are truly without capacity or limits for love. Think about it – if this was true then how could you have more than one child? You certainly couldn’t love a second, third or fourth child! We all have an infinite capacity to love but it may take much soul searching, praying or just a simple wake up call to realize this.
Also, love is not mutually exclusive. You can fall in love again and when you do, the love you have for your late spouse DOES AND WILL NOT GO AWAY! It may take some convincing, but loving again also does not dishonor or disrespect your past. I promise.
So watch the sky for those fireworks – they will come again.


Thank you for posting this Scott. My husband of 16 years passed away in his sleep 2 and 1/2 years ago. I started dating someone in January and after 6 months I'm having those feelings. I feel conflicted and guilty about this but I can attest that I do love this man.

I love this and believe this too! Thanks for your inspiring words!

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