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Finding the Good

Monday, November 21, 2016
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Finding the Good 
Times are changing. The events of this month have shown us that. We will have a new leader in 2017 and we are all waiting to see how that plays out. Initially, the night of the election results, it seemed the stock market was going to tank, but so far, it’s been relatively normal. We weren’t sure the Cubs were going to prevail, but they did!  I like when things turn out better than we expect, don’t we all? 
As widows/widowers, some of us might not be as good at seeing that anymore.  I know I’m not. We are likely much more familiar with the path where things turn out worse than we could have ever imagined. 
I was thinking of how my daughters and I have changed since we no longer have Steve in our lives. First off, we now eat at Culvers.  Back in the day, when we were on a road trip and asked the kids where they wanted to eat, most of us would vote for Culvers, but we would still lose. Culvers never quite sat right with Steve’s stomach so we would stop at another fast food joint, one just as equally unhealthy.  Sad as it may seem, we now have peace and consensus in our fast food decisions. 
We travel more calmly. In the security lines at the airport, my husband would be frantic about the kids taking their shoes and jewelry off and throwing out their water bottles. On my first trip alone with the kids, I came out of the security line at the airport and was shocked at how smoothly everyone had progressed through the line.  
I’m better at road trips.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of driving. But, when a daughter needs to get back to college, or my father in law invites us for a holiday – I load it in the GPS and off we go. Four years ago, the mere thought of those road trips stressed me out. Now, I feel good about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking hold of the wheel. 
This may be a silly little list, but as we near Thanksgiving, it seemed apropos to go through this exercise. I wanted to try to find some positives for our family, just to see if I could do it. In the season of giving thanks, maybe we owe it to ourselves. 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.   

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